Profile & Strategy

We make sure.


Our mission is to create value for both our clients and investors by providing solutions that help them achieve their financial goals.


Ondara 24.28

We are dedicated to fostering growth and well-being through strategic and solid investments in the realm of financial alternatives.

We are constantly seeking innovative and diversified opportunities that yield superior returns while effectively managing risks.

We are committed to building enduring businesses, ensuring transparency and constant communication every step of the way.


Our vision is to be the undisputed reference in the financial industry, distinguished by our constant innovation and excellence in creating customized solutions that drive the success of our clients and investors.

We are committed to leading the way towards sustainable financial growth, always guided by the core values of respect and transparency in every interaction.

We aspire to be recognized not only for our financial achievements, but also for the positive impact we generate in the communities we serve, building enduring relationships based on mutual trust and shared commitment to a prosperous and equitable future.

Our Values


Our priority is you. You are at the center of all our operations. We want to offer you a memorable experience. We believe in disruptive and exponential innovation. We incorporate the latest technological trends to make everything much easier, simpler, direct and transparent.


We want you to have everything clear. You have an assigned personal manager. We deliver and explain the interests and fees of your loan to the smallest detail in a clear and concise way.


We look after individuals and their families. We carefully verify the payment capacity of our clients.


We believe in extraordinary people, in talent and teamwork, in human quality, in the well-being of the team, in family conciliation and in happiness. Excellence is a virtue, incorporated into each member of the Ondara team.